Park District of Highland Park - Maintenance Building


Park District of Highland Park Maintenance Facility


Highland Park, Illinois

The Park District of Highland Park sought a replacement to their existing golf maintenance building, and to design and construct a combined golf operations and park operations building on the site of a former incinerator ash pit.

The proposed 24,000sf facility will serve as a “home base” for parks department staff who service the Park District’s 44 parks as well as for golf maintenance staff who maintain the nearby Sunset Valley Golf Course.

The challenging soil conditions and significant topographical change on the site necessitated creative site interventions including site soil encapsulation, soil stabilization, and a 20’ tall retaining wall. The design seeks to make the site infrastructure visibly apparent and honest. Similarly, the building design embraces its utilitarian use through the material selections and

the organized exposure of its mechanical systems. In addition to its primary use – equipment and vehicle storage – an array of programs is accommodated in the facility; office spaces, shared workstations, locker rooms, training rooms, mechanic’s lifts, material stockpiles, chemical loading, and grinding shops.



Park District of Highland Park


Under Construction

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Project Data

Area/Budget: 24,000sf / $6,000,000

Scope:  new 2-story storage and maintenance building including parking and site amenities

Project Team: David Woodhouse, Andy Tinucci, Chris Vant Hoff (project architect), Heather LaHood (project architect), Francisco Alvarez Rincon

Enspect Engineering (structural); WMA (mep); Lamp (general contractor)