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Chicago, Illinois

Everyone entering the Keller Center --- the $55,000,000 renovation of a 120,00sf building (Edward Durell Stone, 1962) on UChicago’s Midway Plaisance to become the new home of the Harris School of Public Policy --- is immediately immersed in its distinctive environment for rigorous research and analysis, interdisciplinary investigation, passionate problem-solving.  Its heart is a 4-story skylighted atrium saturated with intellectual activity --- a broad forum stair of open workspaces, multiple seating and study areas, a vibrant café, three 80-person and five 40-person classrooms, and clusters of seminar and team rooms --- wrapped in two floors of faculty offices and the Harris’s various policy institutes, and topped by an executive education center and board room whose wrap-around full-height glass sheathe affords a panoramic view of the campus across the Midway and the Chicago skyline in the distance. 

Materials are those of a hard-working loft space (whitewashed concrete structure, fritted glass walls, and honed concrete floors) tempered by human warmth and social concern (salvaged wood planks, recycled and renewable materials, with re-purposed rainwater, solar panels, and a green roof).  In addition to LEED Platinum Certification, the renovation will achieve a Petal Certification in the Living Building Challenge framework.



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Project Data

Area/Budget: 120,000sf / $55,000,000

Scope: renovation of building (Edward Durell Stone, 1962) to become new home of Harris School of Public Poiicy on Midway Plaisance with 4-story atrium surrounded by diverse classrooms, seminar rooms, faculty offices, cafe, and executive education center

Project Team: David Woodhouse, Andy Tinucci, Brian Foote (project architect), Taylor Chan, Evan Forrest

Farr Associates (architect of record); Stearn Joglekar (structural); dbHMS Engineers (mep/fp); Terra Engineering (civil); Site Design Group (landscape); WJE (building forensics); AKLD (lighting); SM&W (acoustic/av); Seventhwave (daylighting); Cini-Little (food service); AP Monarch (LEED); YR&G (LBC); Vistara (cost); Mortenson Construction (general contractor)