Kids Science Labs - Pop Up Classroom


Kids Science Labs Pop Up Classroom


Indianapolis, Indiana

Kids Science Labs was asked to give their hands-on science classes at the annual multi-day camp for the families of employees of a large corporation in Indianapolis.   To facilitate active participation and expand KSL’s potential for exciting programming, we created a temporary ‘pop-up’ classroom that is deployable anywhere, in any space.  Similar to the other facilities we’ve designed for KSL, the classroom becomes an active participant in the interactive learning process.  Double-sided modular wall panels, one side tack board and one side marker board, are staggered to support one another overhead.  The offset creates an interstitial passageway that acts as a threshold between the classroom inside and the surrounding space outside, so that different activities can be taking place simultaneously.   Best of all, the 30 classroom panels and gussets, constructed by a scenery builder in just three weeks, flat-pack onto two carts so they can be easily transported and stored for future use.



Kids Science Labs


Completed 2014

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Project Data

Area/Budget: 1,200sf / $20,000

Scope: deployable temporary classroom for offering hands-on science, problem solving, and creative design classes for kids 2-12 to explore the principles of science

Project Team: David Woodhouse, Andy Tinucci (project architect), Sam Spencer, Elliott Riggen

McGuire Scenic (contractor/assembly)

Photographer: Sara Morris