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More Cupcakes


Chicago, Illinois

Working closely with our client as well as with James Beard Award winner Gale Gand and famed restaurateur Henry Adaniya, we created an intimate Gold Coast boutique infused with luscious materials and creamy light—abstractions of the pure ingredients and flavors in more's couture cupcakes. The store's tiny size—550sf—had to be meticulously planned to find space for patrons, merchandise display and sales, and a full kitchen. Its exterior was uninviting but unalterable, so it had to glow from within. We worked with a neon artist to design butter cream-colored swirls of backlighting behind translucent acrylic veils to evoke twirled peaks of frosting and the sense of fragrant steam rising from freshly baked cakes. The standard under-counter case suffices for the everyday cupcake but not for these exquisitely crafted gems. They are presented as precious objects in a jewelry store, arrayed at eye level in a scaffolding of burnished aluminum and milky acrylic—a flight of cupcakes that elevates the experience from common bakery to uncommon boutique.



2010 AIA Chicago Divine Detail Award

2009 AIA Chicago Interior Architecture Award

Chicago Architect, 11/12.2010

Architect Magazine, 12.2009

Chicago Architect, 07/08.2009

i4design, 03.2010

CS Interiors 04.2010




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Completed 2010

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Project Data

Area/Budget: 550sf / $350,000

Scope: 550sf interior design for Gold Coast gourmet specialty bakery boutique

Project Team: David Woodhouse, Andy Tinucci (project architect), Brian Foote, Rea Koukiou

Concrete (graphic designer); Tip Top Builders (general contractor)

Photographer: Christopher Barrett; Andy Tinucci