Dempster Street Sailing Beach


Dempster Street Sailing Beach


Evanston, Illinois

Woodhouse Tinucci Architects carefully studied the needs of the Evanston sailing community to reconfigure and expand the boat launching and storage facilities at Dempster Street Sailing Beach and to better integrate them into their natural surroundings so that they no longer block highly cherished views from neighboring homes.  The new arrangement provides slots for 290 craft—a 50% increase in the same amount of beach space.  Our new custom-designed stacking racks of steel and recycled wood have space for 180 canoes and kayaks and 70 Sunfish and Laser sailboats.  Forty 420-Class dinghies are stored on new ground rails; 24 Hobie catamarans are beached on the sand.  A new concrete storage structure provides individual lockers for the masts, sails and dagger boards for 140 boats.






City of Evanston


Completed 2010

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Project Data

Area/Budget: N/A / $100,000

Scope: renovation & reconfiguration of boat storage facility in lakefront park in Evanston

Project Team: David Woodhouse, Andy Tinucci (project architect), Brian Foote, Rea Koukiou

CE Anderson & Associates (structural); GA Johnson (general contractor)

Photographer: Andy Tinucci