Big Box Housing 'Chicago Architecture:Ten Visions'


Big Box Housing 'Chicago Architecture: Ten Visions'


Chicago, Illinois

We took the opportunity presented by our participation in the "Chicago Architecture: 10 Visions" exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago to speculate about the future of affordable housing in the city. Our proposal insists on the creation of a sustainable architecture that recycles a whole typology to transform obsolescent shopping malls and derelict big-box discount stores into loft developments for new urban communities.



Chicago Visions, (Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago, 2004)

Chicago Reader, 12.17.2004

Chicago Tribune, 12.05.2004, 11.28.2004




Art Institute of Chicago


Conceptual Design 2004

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Scope: visionary proposal for affordable housing in "Chicago Architecture: Ten Visions" exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago

Project Team: David Woodhouse, Evan Fox, David Goodman, Micheal McClimon, Andy Tinucci